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Month: July 2020

  • Jazz Starts Here: Celebrating Charlie Parker at 100

    • By admin
    • July 12, 2020

    When Charlie Parker, the prodigiously talented alto saxophonist, passed away, his obituary in The New York Times listed his age as “about 53.” In reality, Parker was only 34. What created this egregious error? New York Times’ obits are usually spot-on. The story of Parker’s death is as tragic as much of the rest of his life. As the astute jazz chronicler, Nat Hentoff, wrote: “There have been a number of instances in jazz history of the incandescent hero-as-world-overturning-improviser eventually plunging, like Icarus, into burnt out extinction…but there has been no more daring, dangerous, revolutionary flight than that of Charlie Parker.” Jazz critic Whitney...

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