Who We Are

Robert J. Mestrandrea
President/Licensed Funeral Director

Robert J. Mestrandrea - President/Licensed Funeral Director

Funeral Service is a Vocation and Profession, not just a JOB! Since a young student in Grammar School it has been my dream to be a Funeral Director. Serving Families in their time of need and softening their grief gives me great satisfaction. I pledge to you that from the initial phone call to the moment of final disposition I am here for you! I am here to offer you a Dignified Funeral at a Price you can afford. I turn NO Families Away due to Financial Hardship & I work with EVERY family and budget! Thank you for your time and for visiting my website. Please feel free to call me at anytime!

Get the Facts

Our competitors boast of low cost direct burials and cremations however when you get the whole picture the total cost of the funeral is usually higher than initially quoted. They do not tell you about the crematory or cemetery costs or even that you need to pay for certified copies of the death certificate. These are necessary elements to a direct cremation or burial. At All Faiths we tell you everything that you need to know up front and honest.

Here are some items that you may like to know:

Affordable cremations and funerals in the NYC area

1. A general price list of our funeral charges are available upon request.

2. We provide the service and the crematory or cemetery itself provides the actual cremation or burial.

3. We secure the death certificate from the deceased's physician or the institution at which the death took place. It is uncertified at the time of transferring the remains from place of death to our firm. In order to be issued a burial or cremation permit, we need to file the death certificate with the New York City Department of Health or local municipality. As of today's date, the certified copies are issued at $15.00 per copy in New York City or $10.00 per copy outside New York City but within New York State. There is also a $40.00 NYC Disposition Permit fee required by the NYC Department of Health.

4. You need not purchase a casket for a direct cremation or a direct burial. An alternative container is sufficient.

5. Decedent's information you need to make arrangements:

  • Name of deceased
  • Place, date and time of death
  • Deceased's address
  • Social security number
  • Parents names
  • Veteran status
  • Occupation
  • Informant's name and address
  • Marital status
  • Birthplace
  • Cemetery information
  • Date of birth
  • Education

We are here to serve your every need. All you have to do is entrust the funeral arrangements to our firm and we guarantee to place your mind at ease. Call us today or contact us online to receive more information.