Our Cremation Plans

Direct Cremation - No Viewing

This package includes:

  • The local transfer of remains to the funeral home
  • The services of the funeral director and staff
  • Securing of necessary authorizations
  • Basic local transportation to the crematory
  • An alternative container for cremation
  • The return of the cremated remains to the funeral home

If you want a direct cremation, you may use an unfinished wooden box or an alternative container. Alternative containers can be made of heavy cardboard, pressed wood, or composition materials (with or without an outside covering), or may be pouched of canvas or other materials.

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All Faiths Burial and Cremation Service

Casket with Visitation Options

Cremation Open Casket

  • $240 Removal from Place of Death within 5 Boroughs
  • $240 Embalming
  • $50 Dress/Casketing
  • $25 Cosmetology
  • $220 Arrangement Fee
  • $200 Supervision Charges
  • $200 Use of Facilities for Visitation
  • $275 Hearse to Crematory
  • $50 20 Gauge Steel Rental Casket
  • $50 Laminated Prayer Cards

Please Note:

We offer a wide selection of cremation urns.

If the death occurs at home please add $400.00 for additional personnel to the residence during transfer.

For cases outside of the 5 boroughs please add $300.00. This includes the areas of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and parts of Rockland County.

These prices are taken directly from our General Price List dated May 17th, 2019 and are subject to change without notice.

Cash Advances

Services and merchandise provided as cash advance items will be billed at the same amount paid by the funeral firm.

Crematory Charges

We will accommodate any request that you may have in regards to a crematory of your choice. Crematory fees range from $150.00 to $1700.00.

Certified Copies of the Death Certificate

Within the 5 boroughs of New York City. Death certificates are available at $15.00 per copy and outside of the 5 boroughs they are available at $10.00 per copy.

NYC Disposition Permit $40.00